Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist


Best times to visit

At Masa Mara you can see wildlife throughout the year. The best time depends on what you intend to achieve or your objective.
If you want to witness the “great migration”, please visit between the months of mid-July to 1st week of September. This is when the “great migration” takes place, when over a million wildebeests, also known as Gnus, migrate into Masai Mara from Serengeti and cross the Mara river in herds – a spectacle to behold. If you have patience and get lucky you can also see crocodiles taking down the Gnus when they cross the Mara river. However, this is when the entire world descends on Kenya, please expect hundreds of vehicles all over the park, and needless to mention, its more expensive.
Mid-December to the end of April in my opinion, is the best time to visit, if you are not that keen on witnessing the great migration. Please don’t get me wrong, “the great migration” is awesome. However, during this time Masai Mara generally does not have that many visitors and is perfect for photographers. During this period you can spend time with the wildlife of your choice and take great photos and videos without annoying vehicles spoiling your shot. Being a wildlife photographer, this is my favorite time to be in Mara.


Visa: Apply for your Electronic Travel Authorization- 4 weeks prior to travel using the following link – https://www.etakenya.go.ke/en . It takes between 2-4 days for the eTA to be issued. Once issued, please take two color print outs and make sure to carry it with you along with your passport, when you travel. A single entry eTA fee is USD 32.50 per traveler, plus bank and processing fees and a multiple entry eTA fee is USD 160 per traveler, plus bank and processing fees.

Pickup and drop-off: We will receive you at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and will drop you back at JKIA on the last day of the trip.

Vehicle: We advise you to go with 4×4 Land Cruisers as they are best suited for off-road driving in all the national parks.

Price: Our package price will include vehicle, driver, gas, Masai guide, food, non-alcoholic drinks, activities, and stay.

Park Entry Fees: Depending on the parks you plan to visit, we will share the park entry fees, to help you with the travel budget. You can either pay it to us and we can take care of the payment to Kenya Wildlife service (KWS) to expedite your entry into the park or you can pay it yourself while entering the park.